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 Julie: Hay! Mimi what's up??? (10 seconds later) Mimi where are you? (Another 10 second later).What the world Mimi answers me???

Mimi: What...

Julie: Finally Y didn’t U answer me?

Mimi: I was talking to my best friend….

Julie: What!!! I thought I was your best friend.

Mimi: O no! My best friend lives @ NY City… Her name is Lily U knows where I moved from.

Julie:  I though all this time I was you’re best friend sniff… I hate U

Mimi: Ok by

Julie: U will regret ever betraying me Mimi Rec U will see U will all see.

(1 week later when Mimi is on the computer with Julie)

Mimi: U now what Julie..

Julie: What…:(

Mimi: You’re my best friend not Lily she uses to be my best friend…

Julie: ReallyJ.:)

Mimi: Yah… so want to go to the mall tomorrow...

Julie: sure… U R a Grate friend Mimi. N I’m sorry I put slime on you’re pillow. :)

Mimi: U what!!!!!!!!!!

Julie: By…

Mimi: U will pay Juliet Smith U will pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv U by...

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